Manifesting with SOMA Breathwork Copy

“What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

The Magical Power Of Incantations

You may be familiar with the children’s stories of witches and wizards casting magic spells to heal the sick or even put curses on people.

The witches of folklore did actually exist in real life, and the used ‘incantations’ to influence changes in people.

Incantations = affirmations combined with high energy emotional states. When you give a hypnotic command to your subconscious mind, in the form of an affirmation or suggestion it is more likely to create a change than if you are in a low energy state.

Why You Get Stuck With Manifesting

The usual way to practice the law of attraction involves creating a mental visualization or even a vision board of what it is you want to manifest. However most people fail at making this work.

The problem with just imagining the things that we want is that we get great positive feelings imagining what we want, but underlining them are often these murky feelings – it is these feelings that are really holding you back. You need to clear these first.

If all you do is focus on creating a big image of what you want, then all you do is create more thrust which in turn creates more drag – this contaminates the vibrational message going out to the universe.

So how do you get rid of this? How did you know you had a bad feeling in first place?

The Law Of Orgasmic Attraction

The law of attraction is about taking the randomness out of life. It is about attracting the life you want, becoming the person who you want to be, not the person you were programmed to be. This programming occurred at a time when you had no defences, you had no idea what was going on and you had no tools to help you.

So it’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility to deal with it.

Every single thing human beings to do is because of a feeling. So to be aware of exactly how you feel is the secret to manifesting your dream life.

The peak of all human feelings is right at the moment of orgasm. By understanding the law of orgasmic attraction, you will finally be able to make the law of attraction work for you.

The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life what is in harmony with your dominant thoughts. However the reason why things like ‘manifesting’ fails for people is because no one told you what your dominant thoughts actually are.

What Are Your Dominant Thoughts & Feelings?

Your dominant thoughts are little fragments of conscious thought that play on an endless loop. They are stored as emotions in your body that manifest as feelings. They run as programs all the time. The thoughts you are actually aware of are transient and they come and go all the time. However what is stored in your body on endless loops are constantly running and you add layers and layers on top of them because no one told you how to let them go. Even if you knew how to remove them, the layers keep on adding, so it is very important to regularly do some ‘house cleaning’ and maintenance.

You are not broken, the feelings you have are just a sign that your neurology that is designed to protect you, make sure you survive and pass on your genes at all costs, did it exactly how it was programmed. The feelings are just warning signs.

However if left unchecked they may manifest as common ailments like chronic pain, indigestion, heartburn, headaches, tightness in chest and muscle cramps. You may also feel ‘contracted’ in a situation rather than ‘expanded’.

Elevate Your Orgasmic State

The highest emotional state for change is the state of orgasm. The most revered occult rituals is called sex magic. It is the art of transmuting and harnessing the power of sex magic to invoke powerful change and transformations.

Studies show that the fastest way to enhance neuroplasticity is 20 mins of intense orgasms. This high vibrational state releases oxytocin (bonding hormone). This is the primary hormone for amplifying and enhancing neuroplasticity.

The right dose of oxytocin in your system allows much faster rewriting of old imprints and overlaying of new imprints in its place. Neuroplasticity is the speed and facility with brain creates neurons and pathways.

Remember: Neuroplasticity = brain change. All esoteric traditions from Buddhist meditation to Sufi whirling are methods to invoke brain change and to free yourself from the imprints that occured at 0-7 years.

Breathwork + Sex Magic

By simply modelling the way you breathe just before and during an intense orgasm, you can invoke the same emotional state as if it was a real orgasm, to the point where you may actually have a very intense orgasm.

Through Soma we elevate your state through rhythmic breathwork, sexual energy locks imprints and and music combined to create the most powerful transformational change.