MOVE Together – Fitness – Happy WOMEN´S DAY! Honouring & Celebrating All Women – Piotr Ciepiel – Wednesday March 8th at 10am ET

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MOVE Together - Fitness

Instructor name: Piotr Ciepiel
Level : SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor
Date : March 8th
Time : 10am ET / 3pm UTC

This session will be hosted through ZOOM

Description Of This Event:

Happy WOMEN´S DAY! Honouring & Celebrating All Women

Waking up All our Muscles with our Breath.

About Piotr:

Piotr says he truly is 10 years old as that’s how long ago he was stopped by Higher Powers / the Universe and received a crushing diagnosis that he has cancer.

He never gave up and knew he had to change his entire lifestyle and work environment to be the healthiest and fittest in mind and body he could ever be. He made the decision to leave the corporate world in which he had many successes, and embark on a path to transform himself: he became obsessed with the human body and studied sports and movements to understand in-depth how he could heal himself.

He made a conscious decision to eat healthier and live mindfully. He did different breathwork practises and finally discovered SOMA Breath, that gave him a feeling of connection with something more powerful than the material world and he started to erase his own limiting beliefs and subconscious programs and began imprinting new visions of himself.

He wanted to share all of his experiences and help many others that are stuck in the corporate world or who feel disconnected from their purpose, dream and life. He created “MiFit coach” which stands for MIndful FITness as he believes the body should be trained in a conscious way, and every move should connect us better with our physical / mental strength.

He helps many corporate clients by bringing in movements and breathwork sequences to feel better at work and in their lives. His dream is to share the love he has for movement and breathwork with the world and to lead retreats where the level of vibrational energy peaks and people go through many releases and metamorphosis.