Music Is The Language Of The Soul Copy

Quantum science shows we are all connected in some way on an energetic level. Thoughts and emotions affect your hearts electromagnetic field, which affects our environment.

Music also has a measurable physiological effect based on whether you resonate with it or not, and music that resonates with you has the ability to light up all areas of your brain and boost low alpha brainwaves associated with optimum cognitive function.

Listen to two pieces of music, one you love and one that you really hate…

How do you feel after listening to each one? Do you feel contracted or expanded? Do you want to relax and enjoy or run away?

When we have high vibrational emotions like love and passion, we produce coherent frequencies in the electromagnetic field that radiates from the heart – like listening to a piece of music that you love. Low vibrational emotions like fear and hate produces discordant frequencies – like a piece of music where every note is out of tune. We intuitively know which vibrational state we are in by simply tuning into the emotions we feel. When we radiate high vibrations by choosing to feel love, we shift our frequencies into coherence.

Every individual thought, intentions and emotions and what we feed energetically impacts our environment which affects the collective vibrations on a global level. By simply breathing in rhythm to music that is beautiful and soothing to you, we can create a natural state of physiological coherence. This physiological state of coherence will rub off on others around you by simply being in their presence – this is the power of collective coherence at enhancing the consciousness of the entire planet.