Part 3: Overview Of The Three Phases

Firstly you can download the script for the Awakening Breathwork from the download area on this page. The script is based on only two rounds of breathwork and includes the three phases; Intention, Supercharge and Release.

In the following sections you may refer to the script and in your own time practice delivering to the music. 

The class can also be delivered with 3 rounds of the Awakening Breathwork if you prefer. As shown in the chart below.

The chart above shows the three phases of a SOMA Awakening Meditation with brief descriptions and the estimated time each section should take.

The Intention Phase is where the class decides on and embodies a specific intention (individually or as a class). In the Supercharge Phase, you charge up the intention and make it feel real. In the Release Phase, you release the intention to the universe, letting go of any expectations on the outcome. Trust that it is coming to you.

To describe the process in words as well:

  • The SOMA Awakening Meditation starts with a 5 minute guided meditation.
  • This is followed by 3 rounds of breathwork (Supercharge)
  • And finally, 4 minutes of relaxed breathing (Release)

Overall the 3 round meditation takes approx 35mins.

Next, we will take a deeper look into all of the sections and the science behind what is happening.


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