Please Read First

Most music in this section has been specifically designed by SOMA for using with your breathwork sessions. If you are into the music aspect of an Awakening Journey and are keen to mix your own tracks then experiment and find what suits your style.

Awakening Phase
The Awakening phases meditations come with scripts except for the Daily Routine.

Breath tracks
With the other music like Inner Guidance and Space, etc. you have the option to use a meditation track intro and then mix it with another track that starts with the rhythmic breath music. 

L.O.V.E. Music
The L.O.V.E. albums are all music only and can be used in your sessions. You can try the more chill ambient tracks for the beginning meditation or for the end of the session.

Mixing your music 
We recommend the following software to use if you are looking to mix the music together to suit your sessions because they allow you to load up to 4 different tracks:

On your Computer: Traktor Pro 3 

On your iOS or Android device: DJ Player Pro 3 or Cross DJ free 

We don’t have any tutorials for them at this stage but will have for Traktor next month.
You can usually find tutorials on You tube, for example: Cross DJ free tutorial, Traktor Pro 3 tutorial