Program Overview & Navigating The Course

Welcome to the Soma Awakening Breathwork Instructor online training program!

We are excited that you have taken this step to become a part of our global instructor network. 

There is a load of amazing techniques and information you will learn that will soon give you confidence in running your own SOMA Awakening Breathwork sessions and helping to awaken your clients  full potential.  

How the program works

Step 1: Complete the 4 Modules with the multi-choice assessments and the final two questions. 
Note: There are bi-weekly zoom calls to help you with any questions and the SOMA Therapists facebook group

Step 2: Submit a video of yourself running an Awakening session to be marked, along with a couple of video testimonials from the participants.
Note: There are bi-weekly zoom calls to help you with your practical. 

Step 3: Once your practical has been passed you will be sent a SOMA Agreement to sign and return to be able to officially facilitate SOMA Breathwork Awakening sessions.

Step 4: An official SOMA Accreditation Certificate will be sent to you.

The Content 

There are 4 modules to the training program and as you complete each module the following module will be unlocked.

Module 1. SOMA and The Science Of Breathwork – This covers the basics of correct breathing and the science behind the various breathing techniques that are a part of the 21 Day Awakening Protocol you have just experienced 

Module 2. Therapeutic Breathwork – This module goes into 5 proven therapeutic breathwork techniques along with their benefits for healing and well being. There are also a couple of bonus techniques included.

Module 3. The Psychology of breathwork – In this module you will understand the effects of psychological imprints and ways to reprogram our operating systems to manifest what we desire in life.

Module 4. The Awakening Ceremony – This module goes into the details of the Awakening Ceremony. We deconstruct each phase giving you a greater understanding of how and why this incredible life changing experience is so successful. We also include live recorded sessions of Niraj leading The Awakening in Thailand.  

Note: Each module has videos, and reading followed by a multi-choice quiz. After you complete a quiz you will be notified by email as to how well you did.

You will also be connected to a trainer resource area with access to scripts, music and other relevant information. For more resources and to be promoted by SOMA Breath we recommend subscribing to SOMA B I G.

If you experience any problems while going through the program, please make sure to let us know. We welcome your feedback.

What is expected for you to pass

Each module must be completed and you must score at least 70% on each multi-choice assessment. When you receive the email notifying you of your results for the module, if you score below 70% you will be given one more opportunity to pass.

There will also be a couple of short answer questions at the end of the course to tackle and once again will require a 70% pass rate. 

Enough said, lets now get a better understanding of what SOMA is about.

**Updates To Video Above**

We have removed the “Mark As Complete” Button on each page. You still have to complete the tests in each module to unlock the upcoming content