RELEASE PHASE – In-breath Retention & Release Copy

In this phase we are releasing the built up sexual energy from the Muladhara (root chakra) in to our mid brain region. The intention has been energised and it’s time to release it out through the third eye and into the universe.

We look at two scripts here. The first script is an example for the first three rounds and the second is the final round release. 


“And when you get an urge to breathe, override the first sensation to breathe then take a nice deep full inhale, contract the pelvic floor muscles, pulling up your sexual energy through your root chakra.

Drawing up this energy straightening your back leaning your head slightly forward and screwing up your forehead, your third eye, and shooting this energy, this life force.. right up your spine and into your midbrain activating the seeds of your creative mind

Hold your breath

Thats right

Then let go with a sigh AUM

Bring yourself back to your normal breath breathing in gently and slowly staying relaxed”

Round 4

The script below is the final stage (4th round) of the manifestation of releasing the intention and detaching from it. 


“…Fully in, contracting pelvic floor muscles shooting this electricity energy up your spine and into your midbrain, squeezing your forehead as you’re shooting a bright white light into the centre of the room.

Filling up a big orb of blue golden white light that grows bigger and bigger as you hold your breath and supercharge it emanates as it grows bigger and brighter.

This is your sacred energy, life force waking up to its true self.

This higher power

Then let out a chant sending your intention into the beautiful ball of white light. AUM

Bring yourself back to normal breathing and enjoy the bliss as you connect to your higher self, higher power.

Open your heart and let the love pour in , open your mind and connect with the divine within”


In-breath retention

When you can’t hold your breath any longer you will feel a charge surging up in your pelvic region. This is your root chakra (Muladhara) releasing your prana life force energy as well as stimulating your sacral chakra the root of your creative sexual energy. It is at this point where you take a big in-breath activating the Mula Bandha (pelvic floor) and Jalandhara (throat) lock, visualising drawing that energy up your spine, into your brain stem and through to your mid brain region.  

The in-breath hold brings balance once again back to your system charging oxygen through your now dilated blood vessels from the out-breath hold activating dormant areas or the brain and raising the SPO2 levels back up to 95% and over.

Relax breath 

Releasing the in-breath with an AUM or tone brings you back to prepare for the next round of breathing. This is the same through other rounds until the last round.

In the last round allow time to feel and be present with the experience. In this moment some may even experience a heightened state of bliss.

When everyone has come back, start to move the body with some light stretches.