SOMA Sauna

Soma Sauna

Saunas were first utilised some 4000 years ago and plenty of research has been carried out on the health benefits. Sauna is one of the top methods utilised to flush toxins from the body as it causes you to sweat profusely, forcing toxins such as heavy metals to the surface of your skin. A deep sweat is a great way to release toxicity from the body which has built up from exposure to various environmental elements such as pollution and the additives commonly found in refined foods we consume. 

Saunas have even been found to burn calories and aid in weight loss due to your body’s elimination of toxins, which in turn increases your metabolism. Saunas have also been found to greatly reduce the stress hormone cortisone, which has been linked to weight gain. Studies show that athletes who regularly use saunas have higher endurance due to increased blood flow.

A recent finding also shows that saunas promote a natural hormone called HGH (human growth hormone), which is vital for maintaining healthy tissue, organs and muscles which begin rapidly degenerating with age. HGH is also necessary for strong sexual health into good age, therefore sauna are powerful for supercharging your sexual energy.

For me, going to a sauna and steam is akin to going to church. I have developed my own sauna meditation ritual based on simple pranayama breathwork exercises and visualization techniques to reach altered states of consciousness. During this ritual a deep meditative state with a surge of low alpha and theta wave activity is achieved where I can consciously control my autonomic nervous system and influence the powers of the brain stem. If you believe in the law of attraction and manifesting, it is this ritual that is the key factor for my own ability to create the reality I want.