Space – 4:4, 4:4, 2:2

High Intensity
This track is very spacy. It has soft beats, trancy sounds and will take you on an inward journey. Very relaxing. First round is very relaxing. Second round is more heart opening. The third round is a bit spacey and hypnotic.

1) Space - 3 Rounds with Intro and EXTENDED MEDITATION

Space 3 Rounds Extended Meditation

This track has the 7 mins meditation intro, 3 rounds of breathing and LONG retention phase.

2) Space - 3 Rounds with Intro 
This track starts with 7 mins of meditation time, 3 Rounds of breathing and finishes with 15 mins of meditation time.

You will find the session to be VERY SMOOTH. The breathing is always very long and relaxed.

In the third round, breathing doubles speed at 25:35

3) Space - 3 Rounds NO Intro
Same as Space - 3 Rounds with Intro but without the 7 mins of intro meditation.

In the third round, breathing doubles speed at 19:11