Step 3: Design Your Perfect Life with Average Perfect Day exercise Copy

Back in 2010 I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis and in my darkest hour I had to make a decision that would go on to change my life.

After being told by every ‘health professional’ I knew that there was no cure for what I had, I decided to concede to conventional health care, and do what they told me.

Then I lost everything from my job and bank balance, ended up housebound for 10 months with no social life, and told by my doctor that I may have to have my entire colon removed if this ‘untested’ drug fails to work.

I was now faced with two choices: surgery or to be put on a trial on a new drug.

Not content with being a guinea pig or to have to relieve myself through a plastic bag, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and take option 3, a path that had not been created yet.

Hearing those dooming words from my consultant, was my darkest hour, but this experience went on to become my greatest gift.

This led me to create my own system of self healing and personal transformation that has helped me break free from the chains of a failed health care system, and help many people around the world enhance their own lives and the lives of others.

Not to mention being able to travel to different countries, have time-freedom and attract an amazing team and friends I would never have had before.

My own journey of recovery gave me some incredible insights on what it takes to go from the lowest point in your life, to living a life of your dreams.

It all began with a little plan that I wrote for my life that was based on a simple exercise that really easy to do.

I recently discovered this plan after going through my old hard drive and was shocked to discover how much of it has come true, and so now I want to share it with you too.

Exercise 1. What is your Average Perfect Day?

Please note: It is important that you do this exercise before the first call as you will be taken through an amazing breathwork meditation about your Average Perfect Day. You can download a copy of the exercise in the download area to print out. 

Imagine this…

If there were absolutely no limitations how would your average perfect day look, feel and even taste like?

Not a day where you take out a load of cash and blow it all on sex and drugs in somewhere like Vegas, as you would probably not live very long doing that over and over again.

I am talking about your Average Perfect Day, where you can live comfortably, happily and healthily for the long term.

So find a space if you can, a space where there are no distractions, where you feel creative. It might be in the garden, at a beach or in your study. This will help you to engage your right brain more.

Below are some questions that will help you figure this out:

The more you answer these questions with absolute conviction, the more this reality will begin to create itself for you, like it has for me.

The idea is to put down your answers with absolute conviction and reinforce this vision deep inside your mind. Your brain works on belief. The more you believe something to be real and possible, your reticular activating system located in your brain stem, that deals with your awareness and perception of the outside world, focuses more on making this your reality.

As you answer each question close your eyes, relax, take a few deep breaths and step into your Average Perfect Day as though it is happening right now…

  1. Where in the world would you wake up?
  2. Who would you wake up next to? Or would it be alone?
  3. Would you have a life partner? If so describe who they are in detail.
  4. What would you have for breakfast?
  5. How would you work out?
  6. What would your house be like? Would you have more than one? How many rooms? Swimming pools? Describe in detail.
  7. What would your car be like? Describe it in detail.
  8. What would you do for work? Would you have a business or your dream job?
  9. If you have a business, describe your ideal customer in detail.
  10. What would you have for lunch? Who would you have it with?
  11. What would your friends be like? Where would they live?
  12. What would you do for entertainment? Would you have any hobbies?
  13. What would have for dinner? Who would you have it with?
  14. What would you do before you go to sleep?
  15. Describe your average perfect day in as great deal as possible!

You can make this more powerful by creating a dream vision board of your average perfect day. You can cut out images from magazines and make a collage that you can stick on your wall. Or you can create it in photoshop and have it on your desktop. The idea is to be focused on this as much as possible.

For anyone who might struggle with meditating the following exercise will be helpful.

Exercise 1a (Optional): Creative Flow

Step 1: Download the Trypnaural brainwave track on this page to get into a theta brainwave state. Theta is associated with creative visualisation.

Play this session and just let your mind drift off. Do not try and control your thoughts. Just let them flow. Eventually your mind will flow into thoughts that are tuned into what it is exactly that you want, as long as you relax, let go and believe in the process.

Step 2: Start journaling all of your thoughts. Does not matter how crazy they seem at first. Just write down everything that comes into your mind. If you are more visual and creative, you can also paint the visions of whatever you see. Do this everyday for at least a week, or until you begin to get a clear idea of what it is your really want out of life.

Exercise1b (optional): Create Dream Life Targets

Write down the exact outcome you want to manifest based on your journaling and focus on the outcome.

In order for this to work, with little chance of manifesting anything dangerous, make sure what you want is of value to others, not just yourself.

The measure of your health, success and wealth in life is directly proportional to the value you bring to other people. For the universe to accept your vision of the future, it must accept that you are going to bring value to the universe.

If you want to manifest robust health in six months or less, write down exactly what value you would bring to people if you were well again. What could you do with your new health?

Could you use it to inspire others to get well too, by reaching out them through a book, website or video?

Could it help you pursue the dream career or business that you always wanted to start?

If you had a business or dream career, describe in great detail exactly what it would be. Be as SPECIFIC as possible.

If you want to manifest something material, like a top-of-the-line sports car, think about exactly what that car would allow you to do, or what type of person would you need to be, to own such a car?

Would you be someone who writes a best-selling novel? Would you create an in-demand product, or just excel at your job and get that dream career as a result?

By doing this exercise, you may find that some of those material things you would normally want to manifest are replaced by less selfish things that are more valuable to others.

For example, when I was first starting out in the music business, I had a dream to one day have a record label and media company that would produce music that would educate and inspire others.

The deeper I got into the music business, the more temptations appeared and I got side tracked from my original dream. I self-sabotaged practically every opportunity I had that was not congruent to my original wish – to the point where I got very sick, not to mention depressed and lonely.

It was only at this extremely low point that I realized I had forgotten my original vision, which ultimately would be much more value to others than my other business exploits.

It is amazing how the universe has guided me back to what I originally wished for, because that is exactly what I am doing now and I feel far more rewarded and happy now than at any other time in my entrepreneurial career.

The universe will guide you to your end result if your end result is of value to the universe – even if it means going through a lot of struggle to get there.

When you are on track with a purpose-driven vision, it feels like you are being guided by a divine force. This secret manifestation technique forms the basis for discovering your higher purpose.


Focus on exactly what you want – where attention goes, your energy flows!

Visualize your outcome and try to see it as real as possible. Be specific to how you would feel, what you would hear and smell if you had reached your end result.

Use vision boards, dream boards, incantations, subliminal mind software and hang or post positive statements on your walls and computer desktop as much as possible.

The Science

Have you noticed when you buy a new car, you suddenly start seeing that same model more often on the road?

The reason for this is your brain stem.

Located in your brainstem at the core of your unconscious mind, is your reticular activating system RAS and mastery over its function gives you more control over your own life, being able to attract more of the things you want and even invoke your own internal power for self healing and manifesting.

Your brain is bombarded with information from your environment, and your RAS filters this information by tuning into a tiny fraction of reality.

This focuses the awareness of your reticular activating system (RAS) on the intention that you set.

For example if you set your intention to recover from chronic illness, your RAS will focus more on creating behaviours that are beneficial to boosting your immune system.

If you set your intention on manifesting an extra $1000 a month, you RAS will tune into that spectrum of reality that gives you the connections, experiences and knowledge you need to reach that goal.