Step 4: Sex Magic Copy

The Art Of Harnessing And Using The Energy Of Creation

What is Sex Transmutation?

‘Sex transmutation is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact to a similar desire for expression in art, literature, science, selling or anything else. The switch may be done so habitually that it is not a conscious act­but it always is there.’ Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich WIth Peace Of Mind.

Transmute means to convert from one form of energy to another.
Sex is an emotional energy. You feel it. You may be well aware of what it feels like to be sexually aroused. The positive anticipation, the excitement, euphoria of the climatic rush of pleasure that awaits at the beginning of an orgasm.

You mostly likely have experienced the physical sensations of finding someone attractive that grows into a desire and even lust. It is this energy that leads to attraction, and the creation and perpetuation of life itself.

This emotional energy brings about a state of mind. The state of mind when it comes to sex is usually more towards the physical, however through transmutation we can harness its power and direct it towards other goals.

Sexual energy has 3 constructive potential uses:

1.The perpetuation of mankind.

2. The maintenance of health and vitality.

3. The ability to create something great out of nothing.

Sexual desire is one of the most powerful of human forces. Many of the great works of genius were motivated by the influence of someone of the opposite sex. Sexual energy is so strong that it can go out of control and become a huge distraction. Both men and women can indulge in the pursuit of sex and lose focus on their mission in life.

Too much sex, for a man especially, can drain them of important nutrients and energy resources causing illness, and lack of motivation or drive to pursue their ambitions.

However when sexual energy is transmuted it can be redirected along the path of the creation of inventions, art, music, literature and the accumulation of wealth as a result.

If sexual energy is not properly harnessed it will result in this energy moving into the physical realms of lusts and desires for the opposite sex. It cannot be suppressed without given an outlet as it will end up causing havoc in the mind and may lead to self destructive behaviour.

So there must be a balance between feeding sexual desires and the time spent on working towards your goals if you want to be successful in life. After all there is only so many hours in the day.

Through will power and the correct method of transmutation it can be controlled and channeled to more worthwhile ambitions.

By studying successful people throughout history these facts exist:

  • The most successful people with the highest achievements learned the art of sex transmutation and the ability to control this powerful emotion.
  • People who amassed great fortunes and created the best works of art, science and literature were motivated by love and sexual attraction.
  • When you take out the sexual glands of both men and women they lose their motivation, drive and ambition.
  • When sex energy is controlled it can lead to unstoppable action and it is the secret of creative ability.