SUPERCHARGE PHASE – Outbreath Retention & Affirmations Copy


As you press pause on your breath you press pause on life and this moment of stillness allows you to go into the deepest meditative state possible where you can connect with your subconscious mind.

Using the power of affirmations, visualization techniques and self hypnosis you can program your subconscious operating system to influence your autonomic nervous system.

Script from The Awakening out-breath retention phase:

“…Fully out hiss

Life is just a series of inhales and exhales

As you press pause on your breath you press pause on life

Enjoy this moment of stillness as you deep into a meditative state

If you get an urge to breath remember to take a few short breaths in and breath all the way out again and hold.

Now seed these words into your conscious mind

Who am I, What do I really truly want, what does it feel like to have it.

Embody those feelings of having it right now

Any thoughts feelings or ideas that emerge in this time come from within, so they are important.

Pay attention to them”

Other sentences you can use:

“Open your heart, open your mind, let the love pour in, as you connect to the light within.”

“You are amazing, you are a miracle”

“You have everything you need to receive, infinite love, health, wealth, abundance. Just open your heart and let the love pour in”

“This is your truth, the higher power. This is who you truely are, whole, perfect , strong, loving, harmonious, and happy”

“What ever ideas, visions, moments of clarity that you receive with this experience, pay attention, as it is important, to your personal growth, your well being, your health, abundance and happiness, peace.”


Out-breath retention (Nisshesha Rechaka Kumbhaka)

Just before the breath retention phase you extend your exhale with deep vocal toning. This allows you to tap into the power of the vagus nerve, switch off stress and connect with your subconscious mind during the breath retention phase.

Remember, life is a series of inhales and exhales, and when you pause your breath you press pause on life. We discussed in the previous section how this pause and stillness connects us deeper to allow for meta-programming. From a physiological perspective we are activating our parasympathetic nervous system and engaging in intermittent hypoxia which we covered in the ‘Breath Holding or Kumbhaka’ module.

Extending this out-breath as long as possible through a couple of short fast breaths (once again, ensuring you have no breath left and holding)  enables you to remain longer receiving the benefits of intermittent hypoxia and for embedding the meta-programming.