Terms And Conditions Copy

The SOMA Breath Awakening Instructor course provides you with tools and techniques capable of inspiring deep, long-lasting, positive change in individuals. In some cases you will be approached by people with specific health conditions. We want to make sure these tools are in the right hands, and that you will maintain integrity and responsibility.

As a SOMA Breath Awakening Instructor, you are part of a worldwide community and tribe. Your image and reputation is the image and reputation of the entire SOMA Breath tribe.

Before Starting The Course

It is important that you thoroughly read and understand the following statements:

  • We pride ourselves on the integrity of our course content, our methods, and the SOMA Breath brand. To maintain our high standards, all participants who wish to use the SOMA Breath techniques and brand will need to pass our written and practical assessments before they can be accredited and receive certification.

  • Certification is mandatory before you have permission to facilitate workshops using the SOMA Breath techniques and methodology, and to do so under the SOMA Breath name.

  • Students who fail to meet the required standards will be provided with all the necessary support, so that students will be able to pass the assessments and meet the required completion standards. You can always contact us or interact with the SOMA Breath community regarding any questions or concerns.

  • You agree and commit to never, under any circumstances, make false claims about the benefits and/or effects of SOMA Breath. Unless you have specific evidence, freely available to the public, and you are able to reasonably defend your claims accordingly.

  • Our training does not provide medical, financial, legal, business, or any other advice of a regulated profession. You commit to undertake careful and competent due diligence, including obtaining independent advice before taking any action or inaction related to information gained in this course.

  • You acknowledge that you will be learning and implementing tools that could have a negative health impact in individuals with certain conditions or predispositions. You agree to participate in this course with this knowledge and commit to fully understanding the contraindications of SOMA Breath techniques.

  • You warrant to us that, to the best of your knowledge, you do not suffer from any physical or emotional medical condition, or any disability/impairment that could increase the normal level of risk associated with participation in the course. In the case that you do, you warrant to us that your doctor has approved your participation in this course. Please contact us immediately if this is the case.

  • You commit to distributing and collecting consent forms/waivers before every SOMA Breath workshop and to always inform participants of the contraindications before facilitating a SOMA Breath workshop.

  • SOMA Breath workshops may be attended by vulnerable participants. You agree and commit to never use SOMA Breath techniques, the title of SOMA Awakening Instructor, nor the name of SOMA Breath in any contexts, to take advantage of any individual(s) who could be considered emotionally or physically vulnerable.

  • You acknowledge that SOMA Breath does not provide medical insurance for students nor trainers of the SOMA Awakening Instructor course. You are recommended to obtain health insurance appropriate to your circumstances. You acknowledge that in any event of personal injury or illness suffered in association with your participation in the SOMA Awakening Instructor course, any costs incurred will need to be paid in full by you, from your personal resources or relevant insurance.

  • In the case of a participant with an existing health condition that affects their ability to fully participate in a SOMA Breath workshop (contraindications), it is your responsibility as a SOMA Awakening Instructor to find out, understand the individual’s condition(s), and to safely advise them on the techniques suitable for them.

  • All materials, visuals, videos, sound recordings and music presented in our courses are copyright to, and the intellectual property of, SOMA Breath.

  • You agree to never infringe upon our intellectual property rights by copying, reproducing, distributing, altering, or changing our material in any way without our express written permission. 

  • You warrant that you will never, either yourself, or through a related entity, or through a third party, use SOMA Breath’s intellectual property:
    a) in competition with SOMA Breath or another SOMA Breath Instructor, nor
    b) to the detriment of SOMA Breath or another SOMA Breath Instructor, nor
    c) to promote, create, or sell any course (“copy-cat course”), nor
    d) to create or attempt to create any opportunity for financial gain excluding SOMA Breath.

  • We are committed to providing a high-quality service to the community. When something needs attention, we encourage you to tell us about it as soon as possible. Your feedback provides us with an opportunity to learn and improve for the future.

Please click “Mark Complete” to acknowledge that you have thoroughly read, understood, and wholly accept the Terms and Conditions of being a SOMA Breath Instructor.