The 3 factors for Heart Coherence Copy

  1. Rhythm – Your ratio of inhale to exhale should be consistent. For example 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out or 4 seconds in 8 seconds out continuously is consistent. However if you breathe 2 seconds in, 4 seconds out, then 3 seconds in and 8 seconds out, and so on, it is not smooth and consistent. So breathe to a rhythm – breathe in beats!
  2. Smooth – Your breath should be a smooth flow in and out. There should be no breaks or stutter to your breath. An easy way to ensure this is to breathe in through your nostrils (you should always breathe in through your nostrils and avoid mouth breathing as much as possible) and breathe out through your nose or your mouth, however when you breathe through your mouth, purse your lips a little so that your exhale is slow and smooth. Imagine making the sound of an ocean wave and bring your awareness to the sound your breath makes.
  3. Intention – Coherence of your heart rhythms is influenced by your emotions. It is much harder to get into flow states and coherence if you are feeling down or your mind is clouded by negative thoughts. A simple way to solve this is to bring your awareness to something you are truly grateful for e.g a loved one, something you love to do, the delicious meal you just ate. The sense of gratitude has been proven in various studies to change your emotional state from low to higher very fast!