The Art Of Manifesting Through SOMA Breath


Manifestation, the art of turning desires into reality, requires more than wishful thinking. It's about aligning your actions with your aspirations. However, to truly manifest effectively, we must delve deeper into the source of our actions: our thoughts and emotions.

  1. Everything is energy. Your inner world becomes your outer world. In soma breath we bring more control by giving control over how you produce energy in the body - the process of respiration and the conversion of oxygen and fuel into ATP energy - your life force. 
  2. Everything human beings do is the result of a feeling. Either moving towards a feeling they want more of, or moving away from a feeling they want less of. 

Key Points:

- **Manifestation Foundations**:

  - Successful manifestation begins with actions that align with your desires.

  - The quality of your actions is a reflection of your decision-making process.

- **Mind and Body Connection**:

  - Our thoughts and decisions stem from the interplay between our mind (software) and body (hardware).

  - Our soma, the physical body, is the realm of neurotransmitters and hormones, influencing our sensory experiences and emotions.

- **Influence of Emotional State**:

  - Emotions significantly impact thought processes and decision-making.

  - Negative emotional states can lead to poor decisions, hindering effective manifestation.

- **Soma Breath's Approach**:

  - Teaches transformation by managing the inner world of emotions and states.

  - Breathwork is used as a tool to positively alter emotional states, surpassing the effects of external substances.

- **Breath as a Bridge**:

  - Breath acts as a remote control, connecting and influencing the mind, body, and spirit.

  - Helps to become aware of and transform dominant thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs.

- **Creating a Positive State for Manifestation**:

  - Encourages asking what feelings and experiences are truly desired.

  - Cultivates a "full body yes" and enthusiasm for life, leading to a state of divine flow.

  - Assists in taking inspired action towards goals, leading to extraordinary life experiences.


- The Soma Breath way of manifestation is about mastering the art of using breath to control our mental and physical states. By understanding and upgrading our internal 'hardware', we can install new, empowering 'software' in the form of thoughts and beliefs. This holistic approach enables us to become architects of our own reality, using the transformative power of breath to manifest success, well-being, and fulfillment. Breath magic, indeed, is a potent tool for personal and spiritual empowerment.