The Secret To Successful Manifestation

Vivid Visualisation + Elevated Emotional States = Manifestation that WORKS

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t. When you visualise and use your internal senses to say, ride a bike, the same parts of the brain are activated when you physically do it.

By imagining in great detail what you truly want, as if you have it right now, you will create in your body the feelings that you want from it.

Truth is, what we really is to feel a certain way. So when you imagine yourself having what you want, whatever it is, you can create in your body these feelings that you crave. Quite simple actually. With practice and imagination, you’ll be able to make yourself feel amazing anytime.

Note*** The concept of subconscious reprogramming is huge, and it is far beyond the scope of this Challenge. The 21 Day Awakening Protocol is a deep dive into reprogramming the mind to manifest what you truly want.

For now, try this exercise. It will introduce you to the concept of creating your own emotions and it will give you the space to experience them. This exercise is a stepping stone to the real Manifestation Technique which you will learn the next day.

Exercise: What Do You Truly Want?

  1. Think about something you would like to bring into your life. It could be as simple as having more time to yourself, or reducing distractions in your life by learning to say “No” when you need to. Perhaps you want to heal yourself physically, earn more money, or travel to a certain place. Whatever it is, make sure it something that will improve your life, aid your personal growth, and make you feel amazing.
  2. Make an image in your head as vivid and detailed as possible, using all of your senses. You can write it down if you want to, or you can visualise it. If you are visual, make a mental movie. If you are more kinesthetic, try to feel it in your body. Or imagine the smells, the sounds, maybe even the taste. The more detail the better.
  3. This will become easier over time. Simply do your best to imagine yourself feeling how you want to feel. Allow yourself to feel it as though it’s happening right now.