Welcome to the SOMA Awakening Instructor Training Copy

We hope you are as excited to be here as we are to welcome you!

Thank you so much for being here, joining our tribe, and making your mark on our collective journey to help SOMA Breath become a global movement that inspires and encourages positive change in people’s lives.

A huge amount of time, effort, and consideration has gone into creating this course for you. You are about to discover some truly amazing techniques and all the information you need to become a knowledgeable and confident SOMA Breath Awakening Instructor.

How The Program Works

This course is designed to take you logically through all the information, tools, and techniques you need to be a great SOMA Awakening Instructor.

In some places, you will see names and dates in brackets, like this (Naik, 2019). That is a reference to supporting research and resources. All of the research we include here is available to the public, for free. So you can do further reading if you are interested in a topic. We strongly recommend that you read some of the resources so that you can gain a wider perspective and a deeper understanding.

You can click on the names to be taken straight to the PDF file or to the website where you can access the entire article, in full, for free. We aim to keep our information and supporting research as up to date as possible, so you can always check back for updates and let us know if you find some new research!

In the “References” section, the research and resources are listed in alphabetical order of the authors’ last names, so (Naik, 2019) would be found by scrolling down to last names beginning with N.

Each lesson has a “Mark Complete” button at the end. This will help you stay organised and follow your progress.

Sometimes, you will notice the button to “Mark Complete” can’t be clicked. This means you HAVE to watch the whole video of the lesson, before you can move forward.

Each new section of the course has to be unlocked by completing all of the previous sections and successfully completing the assessments. Only then will the next section become available to you.


After module 3, you will have access to 2.5 hours of music to get you started. This is the music from the Awakening Journey. There is no guidance in these tracks, just breathing and counting.

Abundance Program

Once you have the music, you will also be able to create your Affiliate account. This means that for anyone you refer to us, you can earn up to 50% in commission. You will receive all of the information necessary to create your account later in the course.