What To Say During The Breath Holds

Just before the breath retention phase you extend your exhale. When you do vocal toning at the same time, you can tap into the power of the vagus nerve. Extending your exhale without toning allows you to switch off stress and connect with your subconscious mind during the breath retention phase.

What To Say During The Breath Holds?

People experience the breath retention phases in different ways. Generally, people express a deep sense of peace. It’s a great moment where mind and body become still and quiet.

Sometimes less is more. You might find yourself inclined to guide the meditation or say things during the breath hold. It’s also just fine to just let the music do the talking here. The official SOMA Breath music is especially designed for these moments.

This is a very personal space and people will be experiencing profound states of meditation. It might be better to give them space. You can save the guided imagery for later, or you can throw in a few phrases to remind them of their intention.

Too much talking might be distracting, so use your best judgement as a facilitator and feel the room. Allow yourself to also relax and enjoy the music as well.

Moving To The Next Phase

After the out-breath hold, when you cannot hold your breath any longer, you will feel a charge of energy really building up in your pelvic region. This is your root chakra releasing your prana life force energy and stimulating your sacral chakra, the root of your creative sexual energy.

Then, the next phase begins.