What do you really want?

What is it that you really want? Are you looking for something? Someone…? Do you want to have a “thing”?

…or is it a feeling that you’re looking for?

Now that you’ve completed the 21 Day Awakening course, I’d like to tell you about the hidden message behind it.

I left my environment in the UK several years ago in 2012 as I was so aware that my mind had become my environment. My desires and conditions were the desires and conditions of the cultural hypnosis, and I wanted things that were not truly what I want.

The western cultural hypnosis is based on the drive for endless consumerism, and it is what gets people deep into debt, unhappy, unhealthy and trapped to a location.

Some people feel they need a lot of that shiny stuff such as expensive cars, big houses with giant mortgages for their sense of security. I personally don’t anymore.

I still like to enjoy experiences but am no longer attached to acquiring ‘stuff’, although I succumbed to it for many years and got myself deep in a crisis.

I no longer regret the past mistakes and see them more as beneficial life experiences that have made me wiser and happier in this journey through life.

Taking a break from the UK was in order to explore how people live in other parts of the world.

I was no longer happy or satisfied by the lifestyle I was leading and I knew there was more out there to discover. By surrendering and being open on this journey has made my life full of incredible stories and experiences.

For a couple of years prior to this big step of leaving the UK, I found spending time in the gym/spa after my crazy day working as a pharmacist to meditate in the sauna and cold plunge helped to strengthen my inner world so I could look at life with a more humorous lens, which took the edge off the stress.

I also learned how to reprogram my desires and inner world to be more at peace with my present situation so to accept reality the way it is. The world is imperfectly perfect. I did not need to change reality, I just needed to change myself…

By doing this, reality seemed to morph into the way I truly wanted it. I was attracting experiences, friends, relationships and opportunities that I really cherished.

I was then fortunate to create a internet biz that gave me automated income that allowed me to retreat in Koh Phangan for a while in Thailand. I then really worked hard on clearing up the mess that I had created in my inner world.

Its a continuous process that does not really stop, so making this a daily habit is really important.

However it was not always rosy, I still had a lot of triggers and issues inside to deal with, and I did a few deep immersive experiences such as 7 days and nights in darkness to use powerful tantric techniques to clear the darkness out.

However I feel the most powerful healing came from creativity and entrepreneurship. Empowering others by giving back what helped me and creating community. (What makes us happy is different for everyone)

By keeping my focus on creating art and tools that help people and finding unique ways to share them with the world is the best personal development I have received.

This is why we created the 21 day Awakening Protocol in the way it is:

1. The Average Perfect Day technique in week one is to give you an idea of what your mind wants. By the end of 21 days you may discover it is not what you really want. This technique is the trojan horse in helping you discover what you really need, rather than think you want. 

2. The Soma Awakening Breathwork is a tool that helps you feel amazing joy from inside and be able to transcend any negative triggers that arise. 

3. The entire process revamps your physical body and nervous system so you have more energy, motivation, and resilience to stress.

4. It helps you become more open to possibility and turns the impossible into ‘Im possible’

5. Instead of being attached to external ‘Somas’ for your happiness you discover the ‘soma within’.

This means life become more joyous. You need less material stuff and you do not get disappointed every time something does not go exactly the way you want.

Through this you accept reality as it is, you realise you cannot control everything, and you enjoy both the challenges as well as as the successes. You focus your interests on being of true service with your gifts to the world and become a person with values you really respect and admire.

The point of this course is to give you a set of tools that will save you all the crazy missions, time and money I spent to learn them (although the journey was full of challenges it was a lot of fun!)

Michael Singer explains it with much clarity

Michael Singer is not a monk who retreated into silence. Actually he created a billion dollar company by surrendering to the journey of life, without trying to control life events to suit how he wants them to make him feel, and while not losing his way, preferring to live a more monastic life in his self built temple without needing much ‘stuff’ to make him happy.

His book ‘The Surrender Experiment’ is a must read! His books and courses are a great companion to the tools in SOMA.

Key points from his message:

1. You are manifesting all the time – whatever you can think you will attract – most of the day you may spend feeling like shit or anxious or angry – this is what you will attract more of – we attract what’s familiar based on our conditioning and early life imprints.

2. What you really want is a ‘feeling’ or emotion, and you try to get ‘stuff’ to make you feel the way you want. However most often when you get the ‘stuff’ you think you want, it often comes with a price that costs more than just money, and the feeling leaves.

3. How about just working on the inner world, to clear the ‘shit’ that piles up, so you can feel good more of the time without wanting anything from the outside world – breathwork, meditation, healthy exercise, dance, yoga are powerful ways to reset the physiology so you do not react in a negative way when life throws challenges at you (this is an ongoing practice that takes daily commitment and work, you may also not get it right every day, but you must accept the fact you may fail from time to time and not strive to be perfect)

4. When you learn to work on the ‘inner world’ you begin to feel more joy without needing ‘stuff’. You then begin to manifest the things you really want, rather than what you think you want. Quite often those things you really want are not always material possessions. Instead they are useful things or relationships that allow you to give more love and service into the world.

By understanding when you feel contracted and closed vs open and expanded you can learn to not close and as a result be open to opportunities and experiences that will make your life feel more complete and awesome.

Much love and positive energy

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