Exercise 4 – Meta Programs + Belief Systems Copy

When I was working as a pharmacist around 15 years ago, I became hooked on conspiracy theories, I was paranoid and felt the world was corrupt, that there was no god, and that I was a victim and everything was everyone else’s fault.

I remember during this time, on one particular month I had two cars stolen, my music studio got broken into, I got dumped by my gfriend, and my first hugely successful business as a music promoter finally dissolved. I seemed to have never ending bad luck.

Nowadays I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. My metaprograms have been reprogrammed and my filters have changed…

But have yours? Can you manufacture luck? I truly believe so…

It all begins with this simple exercise: Your Mission

(Also downloadable to print out)

EXERCISE: Imagine for this week the idea that ‘the universe and everyone and everything in it supports you on your mission, and that absolutely nothing is out to get you, we are all your friends, and how grateful you feel because of that!’