Module 7: Creating a SOMA Breath Lifestyle

As this course comes to a close, Niraj will synthesize the results of the previous modules — and help you create a roadmap for creating your ideal lifestyle that will bring you the results you want. In this final module, you’ll: Gain clarity on the results you truly want to achieve and create a road map for achieving your goals. Learn how to bring SOMA Breath into your daily routine to maintain your practice and results Receive SOMA breathwork journeys and routines you can practice every day Full Class

Module 6: Activating the Higher States of Consciousness – Bliss + Universal Codes + The White Light

The previous five weeks will have prepared your mind and body to enter into the highest states of consciousness that can be achieved through SOMA breathwork, and to release the SOMA within. This is the most potent state for meta-reprogramming all other states. Using the Somadi technique, you’ll be able reach this state safely and effectively enough for you to use it to reset and upgrade the first four codes. This is your journey into the white light, after which you’ll never be the same. Many people operate from one or more of the first four codes of consciousness, and you will operate from a specific code at different times in your life. Many never even experience the higher states of consciousness, and therefore live a life of predictable patterns repeating generational habits and culturals programs. Real transformation is made possible when the higher codes are activated, known as neurosomatic bliss and universal codes of consciousness. Certain breathwork creates this neurosomatic bliss naturally, which wipes the slate practically clean of all the first four imprints on your consciousness and the subsequent meta-programs that happen in the early years of life. This fifth imprinting is this state of neurosomatic bliss. In this […]

Module 5: Social-Sexual Moral Code

The Social-Sexual Moral Code is formed during adolescence, and it is hardwired when you produce sexual hormones during puberty… It leads to sexual preferences based on pleasure rather than for reproduction. It can lead to a healthy sex life or strange and sometimes harmful fetishes. It can also determine whether you want to be a moral and responsible parent or a completely independent anarchist. Our moral values are formed in this stage and can determine whether we become good law-abiding citizens, renegades, rebels, or peacekeepers. This is a very vulnerable stage of imprinting which, when set, usually lasts for life. (For example, issues such as impotence can be triggered by trauma during this stage.) This circuit is said to have first appeared with the development of tribes. That’s why there are many rituals around “coming of age”. Negative imprints can lead to feelings of guilt and shame. If unresolved it can manifest as depression and disease. In this session, you will discover: How your need to belong and fit into a particular social group or trend is formed within the Social-Sexual Moral Code Your own Social-Sexual Moral Code and how it may be blocking or helping you navigate through life The power of your […]

Module 4: Semantic Intelligence Code

The semantic intelligence imprint is formed when you first learn to speak a specific language, read and write, and go to school. It’s more deeply hardwired if you were raised in a culture or religion with strict rules and/or go to a very traditional school. This code is constantly developing and becoming more sophisticated over time. It gives you a perception of time. It makes a mental map or a reality tunnel that’s passed on from generation to generation — elements like human know-how, technology, science, and more, and manipulating the environment. Semantic intelligence also transmits culture through words, art, music, symbols, rituals, and games. Humans can be moved to action by words and numbers alone, even if those words have no real meaning. Memes are an evolution of the mechanisms in which people have been moved into action by symbols alone. Advertising, marketing, politicans and even organized religion take advantage of this code and can move people into war or irrational behavior with just a few words and numbers that trigger the first two codes. Semantic intelligence is the speaking part of the brain and your ability to communicate and the language you use is a reflection of this […]

Module 3: Territorial Code

The second imprint, your emotional/territorial code, occurs when you’re in the infant stage and you begin to interact both with other children and your father…. It becomes hardwired when your mammalian brain and limbic system are formed and determines whether you become submissive or dominant, greedy or generous, possessive or tolerant. Negative imprints can lead to being uptight and angry with people, the world and yourself — causing constipation, heartburn and even rage. As you’ll discover, this imprint is the second-hardest to reprogram — however, in this module Niraj will share how to use SOMA breathwork techniques to become a happier, more attractive person. In this session, you’ll discover: Your own territorial code and how it may have blocked you from getting what you want — and prevented you from attracting and forming healthy and supportive relationships Your territorial triggers which create unhealthy emotional blocks How to resolve emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, and envy from the past that if left unchecked can manifest as disease How to use in the moment SOMA breath meditation techniques to reduce the physiological impact of triggers A powerful SOMA breathwork session that begins the process of meta-programming the territorial code Full Class

Module 2: Survival Code

The first imprint or code occurs in the womb. It’s hardwired when your reptilian brain and brain stem are formed. Your survival code is further solidified when you take your first breath and experience the first interaction with your mother after birth. These imprints are connected to survival and reproduction at all costs and determine whether you view the world as safe or unsafe. The extent to which fear is imprinted into your code determines how boldly you play in the game of life. As you’ll discover, this survival imprint is the hardest to reprogram — and Niraj will share how you can finally liberate yourself using SOMA Breathwork techniques to live a life on your terms. In this module, you’ll discover: Your own survival code and how to use this awareness to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and phobias The differences between conscious breathing vs reptile brain breathing How to charm the inner serpent and take control of your autonomic nervous system with conscious breathwork Where you store the emotion of fear in your body — so you can finally release it and prevent new symptoms of unresolved anxiety and fear A powerful soma breathwork session that begins the process of meta-programming the survival code […]

Module 1: Creating the Reality You Deserve

As your journey begins, Niraj will explain how, to get the results you want, attract better relationships, heal from the past, become excited about the future,and be at your best every single day — you first must understand who you truly are… From this foundation, you can create the reality you deserve. You’ll discover the hardware vs software representing the body + mind + meta-programming — using higher yogic rituals and SOMA Breathwork techniques to upgrade your mind’s operating system. In this module you’ll: Understand reality tunnels — your unique worldview that got you to where you are today Decode the eight levels of consciousness and how imprints, hardwired habits, and patterns are formed — so you can understand why people choose to do what they do Explore the nature of reality, to understand where your thoughts really come from — so you can easily upgrade your thinking and get the results you really want Discover the combined power of three of the most powerful transformative modalities — breathwork, visualization, brainwave music — for meta-programming the first four codes Learn the difference between dominant thoughts and normal, conscious thoughts Discover why you feel contracted vs expanded in certain situations — and how common ailments like chronic pain, indigestion, heartburn, headaches, tightness in […]

Affiliate Account and Getting Paid Commissions

The universe is a constantly expanding energy field of unlimited potential. Look into the night sky and notice the hundreds or thousands of stars in our solar system alone. Consider all of that which we cannot see out there. Abundance is the natural state of the universe. Abundance is our natural state of being. Contrary to the common belief that there are limited resources and gaining abundance in your life takes away from another person, there is really plenty to go around. Every single person on this planet is capable and deserving of experiencing abundance in all aspects and areas of life. So now that you are guiding sessions, you may find yourself blowing people’s minds before you thought you could! Right now is a great time to become an affiliate. Everything you need to know to create and use your affiliate account is explained in the video below Click Here To Create Your Affiliate Account If you refer someone who purchases either the 21-Day Awakening Journey or The SOMA Instructor Training course, you will receive 30% commission.  If you are facilitating regular workshops, you will have repeat clients who would LOVE to do what you do! If they sign […]

Welcome To BIG

Welcome to BIG! Here you will find tools and resources to help you grow through the training and build your business as a coach or instructor. BIG will be dripped out to you in small pieces. All you have to do is mark the lessons as complete and the next section will become unlocked. We suggest you follow the lessons in BIG alongside the lessons in the instructor training program. You can see the recommended flow in the graphic below. This way you don’t get overwhelmed trying to juggle the training program and BIG. As you grow through the training program you will then want to shed light on the other parts of your growth which are inside of BIG. If you want to access the lessons later in BIG you can by simply marking the previous lessons complete. So you are not restricted on accessing all of the content in BIG. We have designed it so that you can follow the instructor training and BIG at the same time. Enjoy! What You Will Find In BIG As You Progress

Soma Breath Yoga – Wedneday August 31 at 1:30pm EST

SOMA Breath Yoga Instructor name: Shai Maree Level : Soma Breath Master Instructor Date : 31st August 2022 Time : 1:30pm EST This session will be hosted through ZOOM Click Here To Join The ZOOM Room Description Of This Event: A system of static exercises designed to give you stronger muscles, joints and tendons, more flexibility, better balance and a method to drain your lymphatic system to clear out toxins from your body. Traditional yoga that originated many 1000s of years ago is also intended to be a static work out. You are supposed to hold each pose till exhaustion and incorporating breath control and retention techniques. You also contract muscles throughout the workout cutting off the blood supply to the muscle. However many of the Westernized versions of Yoga that involve flowing from one pose to the next are aerobic workouts that are more aligned with gymnastics and acrobatics, far from what the real purpose of Yoga I have discovered actually is. Strength is one of the cornerstones of fitness. It leads to more resilience to stress and the symptoms of ageing. You more energy and better mood as you produce feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin and […]

Ecstatica – Thursday 1st September at 1pm EST

SOMA Breath Yoga Instructor name: Kyle Espenshade Level : SOMA Breath Transformational Coach Date : 1st September 2022 Time : 1pm EST This session will be hosted through ZOOM Click Here To Join The ZOOM Room Description Of This Event: Join Kyle Esplenshade on an immersive music experience combining SOMA Breath and Dance. In this experience you will sync your breath to the music while you let yourself free. About Kyle: Kyle is a Master SOMA Breath Instructor, Healing Tao Qigong Instructor, Transformational Coach, music producer, and ecstatic dance facilitator, with over 10 years of experience in internal alchemy arts. He is the owner of Soma Alchemy, a system of holistic healing and transformation for the modern day spiritual seeker which combines ancient alchemy practices with modern technology and scientific understanding.

Vision/Mission Workshop

Now that you have gotten clear on your values and strengths, use those words or phrases and weave them into the next phase of this exercise. Return to your values sheet to help you build this section. Example VISION This is how you want to see the world one day. I create a world where people… At their core, they are rooted in self-love, with the courage to enjoy their life as a playful adventure. They embody self-sufficiency to take compassionate action, uplifting themselves and their community. MISSION This is how you will achieve your vision I Will… Create fun and attainable online programs for health and wellbeing. Inspire people to be their best, because they want to, not because they feel they have to. Bring the passion for life back! Show people how they can create their own reality.   Values Into Your Vision Now take your values you listed and weave those words into the concept of your vision. Self-Love I envision a world where people are happy to lie in their resting bed with themselves. People are their #1 cheerleader, their biggest fan. They know how to love themselves to the highest degree. Courage I envision a […]

Get Clear On Who You Are Workshop

As you grow as an instructor it is important to get clear on who you are right now. This does not mean it is who you are forever but this exercise can help you see more of where you are at now and where you want to go. Start slow and grow into the person you want to become! This exercise is what a brand or marketing agency would have you go through. So by doing this it will help you start to see how you can create a brand or how to start getting clear on your target market. Below is a list of examples to help you get started. You can copy and paste this text or download the file below so you can fill in your own answers. What Are Your Values?  (list the values that are important to you in your life) (pick as many as you wish, try to keep it reasonable) Example Courage Playfulness Self Sufficiency Self Love Compassion Action Community   How Do You Embody Your Values? Use the list of your values and write down how you embody it. Example Courage : Courage is the opposite of fear. I have learned to […]

Breathwork For Peace

Morning Gratitude SOMA BreathMorning Gratitude- SPSOMA BreathMorning Gratitude- SPSOMA BreathMorning Gratitude- SP LikeLiked4891 Community is the cure SOMA BreathCommunity is the cure-SPSOMA BreathCommunity is the cure-SPSOMA BreathCommunity is the cure-SP LikeLiked3281 Quieten Your Mind SOMA BreathQuieten Your Mind-SPSOMA BreathQuieten Your Mind-SPSOMA BreathQuieten Your Mind-SP LikeLiked4621 Forgiveness SOMA BreathForgiveness-SPSOMA BreathForgiveness-SPSOMA BreathForgiveness-SP LikeLiked1761